Fresh out of the press: Insurance Disputes co-authored by Eduard Tregubov, a lawyer with the Salkom Law Firm
Court judgments in insurance disputes arising after the occurrence of an accident, disputes concerning rights and performance or non-performance of their obligations by insurers and the insured, specifically, the disputes concerning payments of claims and compensations that demonstrate the specifics of the judicial application of law, are dealt with in the book.
Evgen Kubko, a senior partner, and Andrii Kubko, a lawyer with the Salkom Law Firm, have attended the conference Kiev Arbitration Days: Think Big
On 17-18 November 2011 the Ukrainian Bar Association organised the international conference Kiev Arbitration Days 2011. The conference was hosted by the Radisson BLU Hotel.
On 10 November 2011 the round table entitled Personal Data Law and the Media: mercy or punishment was organised by the Industrial Television Committee Association and the Committee for Mass Media of the Ukrainian Bar Association.
On 10 November 2011 the Real Estate and Construction Committee of the Ukrainian Bar Association held a meeting to discuss legislative requirements for the payment by developers of contributions towards financing of the construction of public infrastructure and transfer of other assets under the Law of Ukraine on City Planning and Development.
The Salkom Law Firm acted for the Ukrainian Swimming Federation at the Kiev city Court of Appeal, in the proceedings brought by claimants who had lost the case for damages at a trial court.
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