he meeting was devoted to discussion and shaping the Chamber position on the Draft Law on Limited Liability Companies and Additional Liability Companies(registration no. 4666).
On 22 Aril 2016, Andrii Kubko attended a round-table discussion of the new Regulation on Concentrations organised by the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine. The event was attended by the top officials of the AMCU, officers of this agency’s legal department, and practising lawyers.
Successful cooperation between the Salkom Law Firm (Nataliia Drozdova – Associate – Finance Law) and Avaikompaniia Bukovyna PJSC secured a victory in the Avaikompaniia Bukovyna case heard by the Highest Commercial Court of Ukraine.
The event aroused great interest among both IT professionals and lawyers serving the IT business or interested in problematic aspects of the IT industry.
The participants discussed the Draft Law on the Operation with Agricultural Land prepared by the State Service of Geodesics, Cartography and Cadastre, and alternative option of the introduction of the agricultural land market. The major presentations were made by Andrii Koshyl – the President of the Land Union of Ukraine Association, and Sergii Kubakh – Land Resources management Advisor to the Project to Support Reforms in Agricultural Sector and Land Relations in Ukraine of the Kiev School of Economics, who presented their vision of the strategy for the introduction of the agricultural land market in Ukraine.
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