VAT relief for distributors of published materials

The article discusses issues relative to assessing VAT on published materials such as books. Various approaches to construing relevant provisions of the Tax Code that specify the mode for assessing such operations for tax are analysed.


The text of the article is available in Ukrainian only

Author: Eduard Tregubov, Bogdana Shatska
Source: Legal Weekly, No. 3-4 of 25 January 2011

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Recently, leasing the land has become one of the commonest instruments for acquiring land plots for development. Developers tend to choose this option as it is less burdensome in terms of compliance and regulatory matters in comparison with the purchase of land. On the other hand, obtaining land on lease is almost the only lawful arrangement available to foreign investors.
Author: Sofia Savruk
Recently, a conference dedicated to the topical matters of Ukrainian corporate law was held in Frankfurt (Germany). The conference was organised by the Association for German and Russian economic law.