On April 12, 2019, the partner of Salkom Law Firm, Yuriy Leonov, took part in the Conference “Business and Conflicts 2019. Raiders”


The conference was organized by the Association of Corporate Security Professionals of Ukraine and Non-governmental organization “Business-Varta”, launching a series of events planned by ACSPU and NO “Business-Varta” concerning protection against raidership, unfair competition and the shadow market.

The participants of this event received information from business representatives on the facts of modern raiding, description of the mechanisms of illegal seizures used by raiders, as well as methods for protection against raider attacks. Market participants discussed the problems of fighting this dangerous for the country occurrence, representatives of state authorities and law enforcement (Dmytro Storozhuk - First Deputy Prosecutor General, Olena Sukmanova - First Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine), Notarial Chamber of Ukraine (Olga Onyshchuk), members of Parliament also took part in the discussion.