​Yevgen Kubko visited KYIV ARBITRATION DAYS 2019


On September 13, the annual conference for experts in the field of international arbitration "KYIV ARBITRATION DAYS 2019: think globally!" took place, attended by the President of Salkom Law Firm Yevgen Kubko.

On the event Prague's rules for obtaining evidence in international arbitration, mediation of international disputes, cyber security, ethics in investment arbitration, and many other pressing issues were discussed.

Speakers from many countries around the world shared their international experience. Sharon Ong (Singapore), Heidi Mericalla-Teir (Finland), Alexander Skard (UK) spoke about the mediation of international disputes. An expert panel of representatives from 3 countries: Thomas Williams (Qatar), Daniel Greyneder (Switzerland) and James Castello (France) spoke about how the Prague rules harmonize international practice and help to make it universal. Nicolaus Pitkovitz (Austria), Veronica Korom (France) and Jonathan Gimblett (USA) talked about the technological arms drive, evidence obtained through hacking, as well as viruses, manipulations, fakes and other dangers.

The special report “Naftogaz experience in arbitration” was delivered by the CEO of NJSC “Naftogaz of Ukraine” Andriy Kobolev, who shared his experience in conflict management.