Salkom Law Firm Partner Victoria Klymyuk and Attorney Olena Sedler Attend AAU's 2nd Judicial Forum


On March 15, 2019, the 2nd AAU Judicial Forum was held in Kyiv. The Forum has become a unified platform for discussing pressing issues of judicial reform. Speakers at the Forum included judges from different levels of jurisdiction and jurisdictions, representatives of the legislature and the executive, as well as practicing attorneys.

The Forum provided an opportunity for parties, usually located on different sides of the barricades, to express their views on the changes in the legal process that the judicial reform has brought with it: positives, negatives and suggestions. They discussed the differences between the new Armed Forces and the old Armed Forces, the peculiarities of the application of the counter-enforcement institute in the recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards, new procedural possibilities and the need for a new and high-quality regulation of the activity of lawyers.