Yury Leonov, partner at Salkom Law Firm, took part in the 10th anniversary Forum “Corruption and Corporate Fraud: Countermeasures and Compliance Strategies” on April 12


More than 25 speakers from Ukraine, Israel, France and Austria spoke at the Forum. Specialists, auditors and lawyers, whose activities include the provision of economic and information security of enterprises, provision of internal control and audit, compliance procedures, prevention of corruption and fraud, participated at the Forum.

No one will deny that the role of corporate security in the development of business and the creation of a strong economic base of the country is especially important in the current conditions of formation and development of our country. In turn, events such as this forum help to accurately diagnose and openly voice problems and negative factors that hinder business development and threaten the country's economic security, stimulate the creation and improvement of business protection mechanisms, are means of expanding and strengthening dialogue between business and authorities, first of all with law enforcement agencies.