In the publication "Legal Newspaper" No. 15 of April 9, 2019, an article was published by Eduard Tregubov and Alexandra Bilyk "Antimonopoly" wind of change "


The article is devoted to a new procedure for settlement of cases of anticompetitive concerted actions for Ukrainian law. This institution is enshrined in the bill passed in February by the parliament “On Amending Certain Laws of Ukraine regarding the Ensuring of the Principles of Procedural Justice and Improving the Efficiency of Proceedings in Cases of Violation of the Law on the Protection of Economic Competition”.

The article discusses the content and stages of the settlement procedure: filing an application; consideration by the AMCU body; provision of a draft settlement agreement; signing the draft agreement and transferring the authority to the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine. The article reveals the problematic issue of the lack of a mechanism for the court to approve a settlement agreement, which makes it impossible to put this institution into practice until the relevant changes to the COD are introduced.