Yuriy Leonov spoke about the mechanisms of investor protection against fraudulent schemes

On September 18, 2019, the seminar “Crisis projects. Difficult situations - effective solutions” took place, organized and implemented on a partnership basis by law firms Salkom, Sayenko Kharenko, and S.N.S. Partners with the support of the Association of Corporate Security Professionals of Ukraine (ACSPU).

Speakers of the seminar were, in particular, members of the Committee on Judicial and Criminal Defense of the Association of Corporate Security Professionals of Ukraine (ACSPU) Yuriy Leonov - partner of Salkom Law Firm, Olexiy Koltok - adviser of Sayenko Kharenko, Mykhailo Sakun - managing partner of Attorney’s union S.N.S. Partners .

The main topic of this seminar was the issue of ensuring the protection of investors' rights in today's Ukrainian realities. Speakers' reports focused on the issues of crisis management, namely situations in which the achievement of a positive result is unlikely and completely unclear, when to create the possibility of restoring the investor's infringed right the implementation of complex mechanisms involving simultaneous and consistent management of related civil and administrative proceedings, as well as criminal ones, is used.