Intellectual Property

Among the specialties, the law firm Salkom pays attention to intellectual property, copyright and related rights protection, as well as industrial property objects: trademarks, trade names, inventions, industrial designs, utility models and more.

The high quality of the firm's services in the field of intellectual property is connected with the availability of highly qualified human resources and with the close cooperation of the firm with the competent state-owned bodies, national and international organizations, as well as considerable experience in the protection of intellectual property rights in the courts.

In terms of copyright and related rights, the firm specializes in providing legal protection for computer programs. Work in this area involves close cooperation with law enforcement, customs, tax authorities, the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine. The firm has extensive experience in supporting copyright protection processes (in criminal, civil and commercial litigation). The firm is also experienced in supporting major projects in the field of show business, comprehensive protection of the rights of well-known performers and record companies, including from the illegal duplication of audiovisual products (piracy) and the like.

Salkom Law Firm provides a full range of legal services regarding trademarks (trade marks for goods and services), in particular:

  • carries out legal support of the procedure of development (creation) of the trademark, advises on the conformity of verbal, visual and other designations to the conditions of legal protection in Ukraine;
  • prepares applications, maintains records on applications submitted to Ukrpatent, receives certificates;
  • appeals against registration or refusal of registration of trademarks;
  • develops and executes licensing and trademark transfer agreements, advises on tax optimization schemes, transactions in the transfer of intellectual property;
  • performs comprehensive protection of registered trademarks against misuse, etc.

In addition, the firm provides services in obtaining security documents for inventions, utility models and industrial designs, and represents clients in the process of examining applications, as well as at the stage of appealing decisions. The firm has developed procedural know-how to effectively protect patent holders from infringers.

Also, Salkom has experience in dealing with counterfeit goods disputes and in protecting the rights of domain name owners.