​Amendments to the regulation of labour relations during the quarantine

On March 30, 2020 amendments to the regulation of labour relations have been made. These amendments are aimed to optimize the use of hired labour under the conditions where employers are forced to limit their business activities because of the threat of the COVID-19 virus spread.

The approach to the legal definition of an employment agreement has been changed. From now on, working under an employment agreement does not necessarily imply that an employee is subject to the internal employment regulations of the employer. The new approach has expanded the use of so-called alternative (non-traditional) forms of work, such as working from home, or using flexible working hours.

The working from home (remotely) agreement, according to the amendments made, must be concluded in writing. Use of flexible working hours has been expanded. In the face of spread of epidemic, pandemics, etc., remote work (work from home) or flexible working hours may be set unilaterally by the employer without the employee’s consent.



​Launch of agricultural land market in Ukraine

The leader of real estate and construction practice of Salkom Law Firm Tymofii Sykorskiy has commented for on the issue of legislative norms regarding launching of the agricultural land market in Ukraine.

He stressed that until now the opening of the land market was binded to the adoption of a special law that required political will. However, the opening of the market now has a clear date, which will be much more difficult to prolong.

Some features of the launch of the agricultural land market in Ukraine are also considered.

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