Litigation and Dispute Resolution

For more than 20 years the Salkom Law Firm has been justly considered to be second to none in the area of litigation, arbitration and dispute resolution. The Firm’s lawyers act for clients in all courts in Ukraine, from courts of local jurisdiction and up to the Supreme Court of Ukraine, and abroad, including international commercial arbitration. The Firm’s expertise covers all forms and stages of dispute resolution, ranging from dialogue and negotiations through mediation to arbitration and court proceedings. The Firm heavily relies on the procedural rules and international case law to ensure the best protection and defence to the client’s rights and interests.

The lawyers with the Firm act for clients in all sorts of disputes, including disputes over property or personal rights, labour disputes, product liability, consumer rights protection, tax matters, IP and patent litigation. Our litigation cases come from various industries.

The Firm has vast experience in acting for clients in complex litigations comprising multiple cases that are being simultaneously considered by various courts, being both lower courts and appellate courts, and requiring excellent expertise in both procedural and substantive law.

We also help clients enforce awards and decisions made by court. The Firm has a wealth of experience in enforcing awards made by Ukrainian courts in foreign jurisdictions and in enforcing in Ukraine awards made by foreign courts and international commercial arbitration courts.

International litigation and arbitration

The Firm has acted for its clients in courts in foreign jurisdictions, in international commercial arbitration court at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine (Kiev), in international commercial arbitration courts in Paris, Vienna, Stockholm, London, Moscow; in the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) (Washington, the USA), European Court of Human Rights (Strasbourg, France), the UN Human Rights Committee (Geneva, Switzerland), and in other international government and non-government organisations.

The Firm’s lawyers are on the list as arbitrators in various international arbitration institutions, they are renowned experts whose services are regularly requested by parties to various commercial disputes.

The Firm’s litigation and dispute resolution practice team offers the following services and assistance:

  • preliminary analysis of case files to assess prospects of litigation in courts of general jurisdiction and in specialised courts;
  • preparing expert opinions on the risks and prospects of litigating cases in forums in foreign jurisdictions, international judicial institutions, and government and non-government organisations;
  • offering a full range of litigation services including drafting statements of claim, statements of defence, pleadings and motions of all descriptions, etc.
  • defending cases in court and participating in out-of-court settlement of disputes;
  • appealing against court decisions and awards;
  • enforcement of decisions and awards made by foreign courts;
  • translating case materials into foreign languages.

The Firm also provides advice on matters of European Union Law and law of other countries.

Legal services for private clients

The Firm advises high net worth individuals on the wide spectrum of matters, including:

family law: dissolution of the marriage and severance of property owned by spouses as joint tenants, the custody and place of residence of children, the maintenance of spouses and children of the family, annulment of the marriage, etc.

the law of succession: wills and legacies, probate and letters of administration, services of administrators, revocations, etc.

housing law: disputes concerning rights to use housings and dwellings, rights of way and other rights, relations between co-tenants, contesting titles to dwellings, etc.

criminal law: services of criminal defence lawyers during searches, pre-trail investigation, questioning, trials, etc.

The firm's attorneys also provide advice and assistance in litigation on civil and labour and employment law matters. In particular, the firm assists in:

  • litigation over the termination or amendment of civil contracts, recovery of debts, establishing rights to property, returning property from unlawful possession, lifting charges imposed on property, etc.
  • labour and employment disputes, torts, personal injuries, libel actions, etc.