​Eduard Tregubov discussed reforming of legal education


Managing Partner of Salkom Law Firm Eduard Tregubov attended the Legal High School Discussion Hub, which took place on November 27, 2019 at the National Academy of Law Sciences of Ukraine. The discussion dealt with the topic: «which graduates of universities are needed by the legal market?» The event was attended by academics and law professors, representatives of leading law firms in Ukraine, heads of legal departments of commercial companies, government officials.

According to Eduard Tregubov, the issue of legal education reform in Ukraine is long overdue. A high-quality graduate of the law university must have not only systematic theoretical knowledge, but also have practical skills, be able to draft legal documents, analyze large amounts of information, navigate different areas of law, be able to quickly work with case-law, have soft skills. Salkom Law Firm pays great attention to supporting young people and annually provides the opportunity of internship for talented law students at our company.